Big or small, we love them all.

And shouldn’t kitchen’s be the center of modern living?!

With the transformation on how we all live, from small cramped, set apart rooms, to grand wide-open floor plans, American life at home continues to evolve.

Your new kitchen counters can really enhance your new way of living.

From Granite, to Quartz, each surface type gets the exact same attention to detail we require and you deserve.

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Got a new kitchen remodeling project in mind? — Or are you interested in replacing your current kitchen countertops?

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Baker Marble + Granite provides custom natural stone kitchen countertop fabrication and installation services.

You can be assured your kitchen wil be fitted with a countertop that fits exactly to the specifications your kitchen setting requires.

From consultation to designing, fabrication and installation, we can help you with every step along the way to realize your natural stone vision for your kitchen.

Everything is done by our own experienced craftsman within the Baker Family, this way we can deliver a true high quality and impressive end result.

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