Thinking about using high quality natural stone materials for your bathroom surfaces? – like for example for your bathroom vanities with beautiful Carrara marble or granite, or Vetrazzo?

Wondering how to get that special bathroom environment that helps get your day of to a great start, and that provides a soothing place to relax after work?

We can help!

Our 20+ years in Bathroom fabrication and installation has taught us many things, most importantly, how to select the right materials for that perfect relaxing space.

Explore the examples below to see some of the natural stone bathroom work we have done for our clients.

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Thinking about using natural stone, for example marble or granite for your bathroom?

We can help shape and realize your dream bathroom, please give us a call or send us an email.

Bathrooms can be simple, or extremely complicated. The most important thing for a bathroom is: Form and Function. We can help you attain your perfect calming bathroom space, just ask us how to get there.

Because natural stone surfaces like for example marble bathroom vanities or flooring makes quite an impression, it can increase the value of your home by at least the amount of money you invest.

Contact us for a free estimate or help drafting a plan of approach for your bathroom dream design.

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