Edge Details

Below, Please find (3) clickable links to a large number of our edge details and profiles. MANY, MANY more are available. ALSO, we can have ANY edge profile custom made for your project, can be costly, but it’s all your own!

Just let us know if there is something you are not seeing, and we will see if we can come up with something great to add flair to your project.

Click PDF Links Below:

Base Edge Details

The Base Edge Details above are pretty standard within the industry. Minor tweaks can be done to them to alter the style slightly, without affecting cost.

DuPont Edge Details

DuPont Edge Details are one of the two most common “Classic” stone edge profiles. Though they tend to be expensive, these edge details can really add flair to your project.

Ogee Edge Details

The “Classic” Marble edge detail. These too can be costly, but the affect is long lasting.