RADON in Granite?

Radon in Granite?

Concerned about RADON in Granite? Don’t be. Recent news reports were found to be based upon junk science that was perpetuated by a major multi national quartz slab company. Who has since retracted and apologized for their actions. But, most granites DO contain trace radon, as they are rocks from our planet. But if compared […]

Marble or Limestone in a Kitchen?

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Over the past 20 + years we have been consistent in our love, fabrication and installation of marble and limestone kitchens and baths.

Other fabricators, and uninformed internet sources, do their best to dissuade you from using Marble or Limestone for kitchen counters.

Both Marble and Limestone can bring a subtle, natural, calming effect to your kitchen and bath. A much different look that can be achieved by Granite or manmade Quartz.

How To Shop For a Fabricator

Kitchen Design

A qualified stone fabricator should always meet this criteria: Bonded Licensed Insured (Liability and Workman’s Comp) Starting in 2006 insurance laws changed in California regarding Workmen’s Compensation laws: You, the Homeowner are now the Primary source for compensation in the event of an accident at your residence, if your contractor did not have Workmen’s Compensation […]

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