It’s taken many years, and many trials, personal, emotional, and financial to get where we are today. Baker Marble + Granite is OUR LIFE, and we hope that your experience with us will be an educational as well as enjoyable journey.

We have always believed in this journey.

The Baker Family isn’t one that was born together, it was formed by choice and by effort.

Every member plays a key role, every member is indispensable.

Baker Marble & Granite firmly believes that individuals who contribute to the greater good of society earn the right to health and happiness in their, and their families lives.

We make sure ALL of our hard working employees earn far above a “living wage”, they receive paid sick days, paid vacations, and health insurance.

We have found that by providing this secure foundation for our employees we receive a higher level of quality and dedication from our personnel, and this translates to better finished products installed for your home or business.

Going Green Since 2008


ALL paper waste products are recycled.

And all fax and copy paper used are 100% recycled. All printer paper used has at least a 50% recycled post consumer waste paper content.

ANY error sheets of fax, copy or printer paper are reused as office scrap paper, and then recycled.

ALL files older than (5) years are shredded at a local recycler.


To cut back on employee gas use, we have provided a professional espresso machine, and free-trade beans in our office (which are roasted less than a mile from our shop at Oakland’s own, Mr. Espresso.


Our shop water systems clean and recycle water whenever possible.

A recent audit by East Bay MUD found that we were exceeding the standard for clean water release and recycled water usage.

The tested PH of the water released back into the sewer system was identical to that of the water coming in.


Our office maintains a daytime constant winter temperature of 67 degrees, with no air conditioning used in the summer.
Offices not used have a “lights-out” policy.

Our shop was engineered in the early 1950’s with enormous windows, during the Summer months we can safely operate the shop floor without the use of our soon to be replaced quartz metal halide lights. In the Summer months power is at a premium in California, by not using these lights we are staying off of the grid when the electricity is most needed.

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